There is a critical disconnect between the cyber security behaviour that top executives recommend and the way they behave themselves, while many firms do not know where their data lives and moves, a report reveals.

More than seven in 10 CEOs admit they have taken valuable intellectual property (IP) from a former employer.

78% of CEOs polled agree that ideas, in the form of IP, are still the most precious asset in the enterprise.

93% of CEOs say they keep a copy of their work on a personal device, outside the relative safety of company servers.

63% of CEOs polled admitted to clicking on a link they should not have or did not intend to.

The majority of business leaders (77%) believe their IT department would view this behavior as a security risk, but they do it anyway.

The findings also underline the need for a realistic data security strategy that not only addresses human behavior, but also takes both prevention and recovery into account.

73% of security and IT leaders saying they believe that some company data exists only on endpoints and 70% admitting that losing all corporate data held on endpoint devices would be business-destroying or seriously disruptive.